Tuesday, March 13, 2007

[technical stuff] packed full of electronics goodness!

I spend the day doing more wiring and creating a couple of simple boards "the old fashioned way". One is a breakout board that gives me easy connection to power, ground and signal wires for analog sensors. The other is a board that allows me to connect 3.3V (i.e. my ARM board) and 5V hardware on the same i2c bus. The documentation for the ARM had many very serious warnings about not driving any of the pins above 3.3V. Since this wasn't cheap I figured I should listen!

I now have nearly everything that will go inside the base installed. My planning paid off. I really don't think I would have been able to fit everything in if I had not spend the time planning out the base.

The plan for tomorrow is to write a Linux device driver for the A/D converter board on the ARM and if I get that done I want to put together a library of routines so I can start writing some actual robot code.

I am still way behind schedule but moving forward.

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