Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Back in cold New Hampshire

New Hampshire is cold this time of year. It seems even colder when you spend the past week on a ship in 85 degree weather! The vacation was very nice. I didn't take a lot of pictures but I am posting a few here. The first two here are Jane and myself each standing in front of the ship in Freeport Bahamas. We didn't do much in Freeport, just wandered around and walked on the beach for a bit.

The second stop for the ship was Grand Caymen. I forgot the camera on the ship so no pics from there. We found a nice outdoor restaurant/bar right on the water where Jane went snorkeling while I had a couple of beers. Fun for the whole family!

The last stop was _supposed_ to be Costa Maya Mexico however the above picture is as close as we got. High winds and 8ft waves made it too dangerous to dock there. The ship you see in the picture got in earlier in the day before the winds got too high. We heard they were stuck there for a couple of days.

So, what did we spend most of our time doing on the trip? The picture below sums it up pretty well. Yes, we are wild and crazy party people!

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