Friday, February 8, 2008

Back home again

After 30 hours door to door I am back home again. Who knew Australia was so far away :)

For those of you who saw my presentation at LCA my slides are now up on the web page. There are a couple of slides I didn't bother showing during the talk which has references to software and hardware I used on Rockhopper. It can be found on the LCA page at:

I had a wonderful time at LCA and honestly it was worth the long trip. I spent a couple of days more in Melbourne. Of course this meant I was there for the superbowl which I was a bit concerned that I would miss it. I wasn't sure I could find anywhere showing it in Australia. Boy was I surprised! I checked a couple of sports bars but none said they would be open that early (since the game was shown live it was on at 10 am there). I was told the best bet would be the crown casino. I expected to find just a few American's there begging the bartender to turn it on to "that american football game". What I found was a large sports bar with probably 200 very excited football fans. While there met some really fun Australian fans and of course a few Americans spending some time abroad. So, I want to give a special G'day to Gary (aka Gazz), Rod, and Jamie from down under and Melody (from the US) and of course "guy from California" who I am ashamed I cannot remember your name.

Even though the Pats lost it was a hell of a game and I had more fun watching it than any superbowl I can remember.

So, now that I am back home I am already starting to think about possibly building a new bot for this year's contest at Trinity College. I have just about 2 months to work on it and this year I certainly won't be able to take a bunch of time off like last year. Still undecided but I am considering it.

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